DataNumen Disk Image - Free License


Free license for the DataNumen Disk Image program that allows you to clone computer disks in order to use them as a source of data recovery in case of information loss due to errors or system failures.

DataNumen Disk Image can create a disk image by cloning and restore information from a computer literally byte-by-byte. The program features high backup performance and improved data recovery functionality.

The main functionality of DataNumen Disk Image

  • An ideal expert computer recovery tool.
  • Possibility of replacing bad sectors with specified data.
  • A technology for cloning a large number of disks in batch mode.
  • The functionality of cloning data from damaged media.
  • Recover image data back to disks.
  • Support for all types of media.

How to get a free DataNumen Disk Image license

1. Download DataNumen Disk Image and perform the installation on the computer:

2. In the window that appears, click the " Enter License Key " button.

3. Activate by entering your name and the license key below:

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