AdGuard for Mac for 6 months free

AdGuard for Mac

The full version of AdGuard for Mac for 6 months for free. You get all the premium features available: effective ad blocking, safe internet, privacy protection, and in-app filtering.

AdGuard for macOS is an Internet filter for blocking ads and web protection when working on Mac computers and Apple laptops. The solution includes anti-banner, anti-phishing, anti-tracking functions and works with all browsers and even applications.

Main features of AdGuard for Mac
  • Effective adblocking. AdGuard blocks all types of ads. It will save you from pop-ups, video ads, banners, etc.
  • Safe internet. AdgGuard provides protection against phishing and fraudulent websites.
  • Personal data protection. Blocks online trackers and analytics systems that spy on you when you visit sites on the Internet.
  • In-app filtering. AdGuard saves you from annoying pop-ups by filtering the traffic of any application installed on your Mac.
  • Support for all browsers. AdGuard filters ads in all browsers, from Safari to the most exotic ones.
  • Three in one. Anti-banner, anti-tracking, and anti-phishing.{alertInfo}

AdGuard ad blocker for Mac for 6 months for free

The full version of AdGuard for Mac is available for free for 6 months. To get an extended trial, follow these steps:

1. Download AdGuard for Mac, a special version:

2. Install the program on your computer and configure protection. You will receive a 180-day trial license.
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