AdGuard Premium for Windows for 6 months for free


Full version of AdGuard for Windows for 6 months for free. You get all the premium features available: Ad Blocking, Safe Web Surfing, Identity Security and Parental Controls.

AdGuard for Windows is a popular ad-blocking solution that has all the necessary features for a clean and fast web surfing on the Internet.

The new version of AdGuard comes with several major changes: a new interface, an updated CoreLibs filtering engine, a system for automatically sending crash reports and a new AdGuard Extra extension. Version 7.5 also adds DNS filtering and disables Windows telemetry.

Internet filter AdGuard Premium for 6 months for free

The full version of AdGuard for Windows is available for free for 6 months for all users. To get an extended trial, follow these steps:

Installing AdGuard for Windows

1. Download AdGuard for Windows, a special version:

Download AdGuard{button_success}

2. Install the program on your computer and configure protection. You will receive a trial license for 3 days.

    • Activation of the trial period for 180 days.
    • After the trial 3 days are over, you will see a pop-up window in which you need to select Improve ad-blocking.
    • In the Improve ad blocking window, select Activate trial period > Activate.
    • Enter your email address and click Renew.
    • A trial Premium version is activated for 6 months.
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