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AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

Get a free AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro license. The program is designed for advanced management of hard disk partitions without data loss.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro allows you to create, delete, resize, format hard disk partitions, merge, split and move (or copy) them, including to another hard disk or SSD.

The application provides users with a step-by-step interface to perform basic steps related to managing hard disk partitions. With step-by-step actions, you can quickly get the job done without losing data.

Supports all storage devices such as flash drives, HDDs, SSDs, RAID arrays with both MBR and GPT disk partition styles.

In addition, PA includes the capabilities of AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Pro (DDM), which means it has the ability to manage dynamic disk volume.

Free license AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

To obtain a free AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro license, follow these steps:

1. Download the free version of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard from the link below:

2. During installation, select Try Pro for Free to install the trial version of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional.

3. Activate the full Pro (Professional) version in the Register menu using the following License Code.



Terms of the offer
This is a lifetime license for version 8.5 only, for home (non-commercial) use.
No free technical support.
Can be installed or reinstalled at any time.{alertInfo}
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