Glarysoft Software Update Pro - 1 Year Free License

Glarysoft Software Update Pro

Get a free 1-year license for Glarysoft Software Update Pro. The tool will help keep your system up to date by monitoring the availability of updates for installed programs.

Glarysoft Software Update is a useful application that notifies you when updates and new versions of your programs are available. Also, Glarysoft Software Update Pro contains a database of useful software and will help you install the latest versions of applications for Windows.

The PRO version allows you to automatically download and install the required program. Also, the PRO version includes the ability to work on a local network.

To get a free 1-year Glarysoft Software Update Pro license, follow these steps:

1. {getButton} $text={Go to the promotion page} $icon={link} $color={#5f27cd} enter your email address (Email), go through the verification from automatic registrations (captcha), and then click the "Get My Key Now" button.

2. After that, you will receive your personal registration key ( License ) by e-mail.

3. Download the program and install it on your computer.

4. Activate the program with the obtained license code in the License > Switch License menu, entering your name (Your name) and code (License code).

Terms of the offer
The 1-year license provided, for home use only.
You get free updates during the license period.
Free technical support is not available.
The program can be installed and reinstalled with re-registration.{alertInfo}

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