AeroAdmin Pro - 6 months free license


AeroAdmin Pro

Get a free 6-month license of the AeroAdmin Pro remote access program. The extended version of the program allows you to connect to remote computers, manage them, and exchange files.

AeroAdmin is a free portable program for connecting to a remote computer. With its help, you can quickly and safely connect to another computer, for example, to assist in setting it up or to help solve any problem.

To connect, just run the program on both computers, enter the digital ID or IP address of the remote computer and the verification pin code. The remote computer user can choose your access level, for example, only view the screen or full access to the system and files.

AeroAdmin Pro - 6 months free license

To obtain a free AeroAdmin Pro license for 6 months, you need to do the following:

1. Download the app from the link below:

2. Start the program. Open the form for sending messages by clicking on the envelope icon.

3. Enter in the recipient field, enter SWOS in the message field and click the send message button.

4. After that, restart the program. To do this, in the Connection menu, select the Restart item.

5. The license of the program will be updated to the AeroAdmin Pro version for 6 months.

Terms of the offer

  • You get a free AeroAdmin Pro license for 6 months.
  • Updates to newer versions are not available. License for version AeroAdmin 4.7 only.
  • If you uninstall the program, you will lose your license.
  • No free technical support.
  • Commercial use permitted.{alertWarning}

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